“I couldn’t have asked for a better agent”

A year ago I met Pete Frias and working with him throughout the home buying process was wonderful experience. He is a professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and has the hard skills related to being a real estate agent down. In my opinion, where Pete also excelled was in the soft skills, he was a good listener. There were certain things that I needed to have in the home and although I didn’t get them all, together we found a home that had all but one of the requirements. He was patient. There were times when I needed to take time to make decisions and never once I feel rushed to make a decision. Pete truly wanted what was best for me and my family. He has many contacts and is willing to share them with his customers so I didn’t have to figure out where to find plumbers and painters and other services. With respect to the home buying process, I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. I would whole heartedly recommend Pete to anyone who is looking for a home.

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