“He knew it all”

Pete Frias helped me buy my first house. I knew nothing about the home buying process; financing; inspections; neighborhoods. He knew it all. The most important thing about my experience with him was his patience. I was on a fairly tight budget and the D.C. real estate market was booming. There weren’t going to be a lot of single family town homes in my price range. Pete took the time to show me 10 or 20 places over three or four months. I finally bought a house in the H Street corridor, Northeast that he had shown me when it was being renovated. The completed work looked GREAT, and we made an offer. At the time, H Street had not boomed and I got in ahead of the wave. I still own the house as a rental property. When it’s time for me to sell, or my estate actually, Pete — or one of his heirs — will get the sale.

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