“amazing representative”

I just closed on a condo with Pete’s help, and I cannot stress enough what an amazing representative he is. Pete is a genuine and honest person–just the type of person you need on your side in the crazy real estate market in our area. Pete is also very experienced, and his expertise and insight was an invaluable resource throughout. This was my first time buying property, and I didn’t know anything about the process of looking or making an offer or getting financing. I also came into the process without a clear idea about exactly what I wanted. Pete was an incredible help from start to finish. He frequently sent me listings that fit my specifications so that I didn’t have to spend tons of time online looking for myself. Pete knows the city extremely well, and had great insights about different neighborhoods and types of condos. I definitely looked at places I would not have otherwise thought to check out, which was really helpful in getting me to focus in on exactly what I wanted. Pete was extremely generous with his time. He took me on dozens of tours, and even returned with me to the same property multiple times in a few cases. He is a great person to bounce ideas off of — he never put pressure on me to consider a place outside my price range, and he gave direct, thoughtful answers to questions. I made a couple of offers with Pete, and he negotiated with agents on a couple of other properties I did not make offers on; he is a great advocate and a strong and experienced negotiator. When I did successfully make an offer and ultimately close on a condo, Pete was so helpful throughout the whole process. Again, I knew I could trust him, which is so essential when you’re signing tons of documents and making a huge financial decision without knowing all of the ins and outs of the process. We ended up closing on an accelerated schedule just before the holidays, and Pete was great at making sure everything was done on time. I am so excited about my new place, and I could not have done this without Pete’s dedication and hard work. I cannot recommend Pete enough. He is a exceptional realtor and a great person.

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