Peter Frias

Peter Frias

Pete grew up in the Washington DC suburbs and has lived in the city for the past 21 years. A graduate of Gonzaga College High School, Georgetown University and the Quinnipiac University School of Law, Pete has been a licensed realtor representing sellers and buyers since 1995. Pete’s career has been defined by service to his clients, providing exceptional representation that does not end when the transaction closes. Pete’s goal is to make you his client for life, and he will always go above and beyond what is expected to provide the highest quality service. Some of the areas in which Pete particularly excels include:

Top notch negotiation skills: Pete will work hard to make sure that not a single dollar is left on the table for your purchase or sale. Pete’s transactional experience and knowledge have made him an expert negotiator, and he will fight hard to make sure that you get the very best deal possible.

Intimate market knowledge: Pete has been selling properties all over DC and in the close in suburbs of Virginia and Maryland for his entire career.  He has an intimate knowledge of neighborhoods all over the area, and is very familiar with property values and market trends. Please click on the Communities tab above to see the neighborhoods Pete works in.

Marketing skills: Pete knows exactly what it takes to sell property successfully. He will advise you as to how the property will show it’s best, and then he will provide the resources to market the property locally, nationally and internationally so that the widest possible pool of potential buyers will keep your house at the top of their radar screen.

Creating long lasting relationships: Pete’s goal is to make you his client for life. A consistent hallmark of Pete’s career has been his dedication to ongoing communication with every one of his clients to make sure that they remain happy with their purchases, and to providing continuing service for all of their real estate needs.

Contact Pete Frias today to receive superior representation for your real estate transaction and get a realtor for life!

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