LeDroit Park

LeDroit Park

July 31, 2016

LeDroit Park

Founded in 1873, LeDroit Park is one of the older neighborhoods in DC. Located in NW DC just southeast of Howard University, LeDroit Park has maintained much of it’s historic nature while evolving into a comfortable neighborhood with a lively mix of young single people, new families and older folks who have been in the neighborhood for generations. The architecture is dominated by Victorian rowhouses many of which had fallen into decay by the 1980’s but have now been renovated  and restored to their former glory. The iconic LeDroit Park gate at 6th and T Street welcomes you to the small neighborhood and you feel the history surround you as you stroll through. Real estate prices in the neighborhood vary widely with size, style and quality, and you can buy something in LeDroit Park now anywhere between $600,000 and $2,000,000.


LeDroit Park does not have it’s own metro, but the Shaw/Howard metro is in walking distance.


Newly renovated Howard Theater, Ledroit Park Market

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