AU Park

AU Park

July 31, 2016

AU Park

American University Park is another of the very few neighborhoods in DC where the houses are detached, the yards are big (sometimes huge) and you really do get that suburban feel while living in the city. This very residential neighborhood is bounded by Wisconsin Avenue to the east, Massachusetts Avenue to the south, Western Avenue to the west, and River Road on the north side. There are a few condos in AU Park, but the real estate is comprised mostly of gorgeous Tudors and center hall Colonials built in the 1930’s. While the neighborhood is named for American University, the university is not actually in AU Park, but very close by on the other side of Massachusetts Avenue. There are two commercial corridors that border AU Park; one on Wisconsin Avenue where you will find Rodmans, an international gourmet grocery store, and one on Massachusetts Avenue, where you will find the excellent deli, Wagshals. Home prices in AU Park generally range from $900,000 to $1,100,000, although it is possible to find houses both below and above that range.


AU Park is served by the Tenleytown metro on the red line.


Rodmans, Wagshals

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